To create a deal:

Click on main navigation menu on the left > Pipeline.
On the subsequent window you will find create deal button on the top tool panel . click on it and a new window will emerge:

This window is a form which would prompt you to fill details like:

Deal Name - You can give the desired name to the deal.
Stage - You can assign which stage of the pipeline the deal should go into.
Deal Worth - You can assign the worth of the deal along with the date.
Pipeline Name - You can assign which pipeline the deal would go into.
Assigned to - You can choose to assign the deal to anyone in the team.
Product - You can choose product this deal is related to.
Leads - Lead for the deal.

Above mentioned fields are mandatory to create a deal.

You can add more custom fields by clicking at more fields button in the bottom right corner :

Description - You can give a short description of the deal.
Client Name - You can choose the name of the client here.
Company Name - You can choose the name of the company here.
User defined fields- You can add more user defined fields depending on your use cases.

After filling all the required information you can click on the Create Deal option.
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