There are two ways you can add leads In deloz

Import CSV file:
Click on navigation menu < leads.
Click Import in the upper-left hand corner.
You'll be prompted to choose an import type: CSV
Once the file is selected, click Upload.

We will notify you once the import is completed.

Manually adding a lead
Log in to your Deloz Account.
Click on navigation menu < leads.
On the subsequent window you will be prompted to enter the lead details.

This window is a form which would prompt you to fill details like:

Lead Name - You can name the lead here.
Lead E-mail - You can provide the lead’s e-mail id here.
Lead Phone - You can provide the lead’s phone number here.

More fields:
You can add more by clicking on Add more fields : Middle Name, Last Name, Profile Image, Job Role , Company, Secondary Email, Website, Facebook, LinkedIN, Mobile, Telephone, Locality, City, Address , Country, Due Date, Assigned To, Tags, Worth, Product, Organisation Contact, Individual Contact, Secondary Contacts.

After filling all the required information you can click on the Create Lead option.
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